by We Destroyed Leviathan

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released September 20, 2014

Recorded and Mixed by Typhoon Studios (Singapore)
Mastered by Lee Mckinney of Born Of Osiris out of Osiris Studios (Chicago, USA)
All music and lyrics by We Destroyed Leviathan



all rights reserved


We Destroyed Leviathan Singapore, Singapore

Metal band hailing from Singapore. Burst onto the scene in june of 2012. We Destroyed Leviathan has been positively receiving good support and comments since they began. Written and releasing their first EP titled "WITNESSES" out mid 2014.

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Track Name: Limitless
Always chained to the expectations of others, we tend to forget, our own beliefs or own dreams our own reflection.
In this time, we search for something that's larger than life, something that's greater than us all, something, is worth fighting for.

But time and time again we go back and forth into the depths of our own minds, and believe everything that we see, showing us that we could never win.

But it was real and it was our reality, our minds left black and blank with words of our deceivers, and that's how you believed that everything you saw was real.

We promised that it would be better, we said that this wouldn't matter, and you said you would change these days for the better. But now that everything is finally said and done, it is time to move on, it is time to come home.

We've reached the edges, our backs against this world, there's no more turning back, it's time to make this count.

We've reached the edges, with our backs against the world, no more turning back, we aren't bound to this world forever, we are strong within, we are strong within, we are limitless.

We've reached the edges, with our backs against the world, no more turning back, We are limitless.
We are limitless.
We aren't bound to forever, WE ARE LIMITLESS.
Track Name: Scavengers
Oh, hands deep in the sand, scavenge through this desert of rot, when nothings left above you, look to the sun and hope for an easy way out, when nothings left to question, question the only reason why, we kept our riches, within the reaches of ourselves.
Did we feel safe, did we feel proud, did we feed our own selfish greed, we cast aside the problems that were surfaced so many years before.

Cause the weak foresaw the famine, they foresaw this plague, and you did nothing but to push them into their own graves. All the bloodshed for the sake of our prides, all the bloodshed, for nothing.

Replay those moments inside of our own minds and we will realize that we were all too wrong, when time is broken and nothing stays the same, we will then realize, how much time we have wasted on this earth and that humanity is lost!

Fairness forgotten and humanity, lost.
The famine of the weak will never end.
Fairness forgotten and humanity, lost.
The plague of the undeserving is dawning on us
Fairness forgotten and humanity, lost
This plight that we face is just another plight that we will have to stand and fight!

Hold your tongue, cause your words are as worthless as you are, you've played your hand and so have they, you're left with nothing, you good for nothing little prick.

Now you're all alone, plagued with this famine of your hands are deep in the sand, who else do you have to blame, when you're the scavenger instead?

Hands deep in the sand, scavenge through this desert of rot, you finally have nothing to lose.
Track Name: We, The Witnesses
If I had a million voices, maybe then would I be able to speak my mind, if my mind was a picture, maybe then, you would see the beauty that I see.

cause I would swallow my pride just to show you the world, how much we've missed, how much we could change and how this world still can be saved.

Oh god, I plead with you, don't let us fall one more time.

You never said that this was something so great, but here we are in fault and looking for a way out.

I'll tear my skin and let your crimson flow, cause I'll stand as proof of all the mistake that we made, so show us your light under these darkened skies and pave the path away from this hopeless life.

Unveil these eyes, show me now what you are seeing, this is time, it is now or never.
Unveil these eyes, show me now what I've been missing, for so long.
Unveil these eyes, and show me now, what I've been missing all this time
Cause what I see may not really be the beauty that we truly seek.
Is this the beauty we..

We are the witnesses of life, never before has there been a greater bond, of man of time, so until then, we'll be the ones to see this through.

We'll see this through!

We, the witnesses of life, never before has there been a greater bond! So here we are to see this through, till the end of time and the end of us all!

Track Name: The Great White
Monsters, creatures fashioned from our own feeble minds. Monsters of time and our own hidden past, pieces of life that we can never get back.

So loosen that grip on your reality my dear, cause I can't take this burden of love anymore, I'm trying my best to move on from where I was, but still caught up in years I thought I forgot.

Take me back to the years we said we'd put behind us now everything is wrong everything Is going so goddamn wrong.

The great white surrounds ME as I thread into deeper waters, I know I'll never be free, I will never be free.

I am drowning in the oceans with the sharks beneath my feet, my lies made her believe when I said she never mattered, but oh god, how much she did.

She promised me things she could never give, she only promised what I wanted to believe, I only believed everything that I wanted to but ignored the simple fact that this could never be.

Just A Memory In Everything